Down’s syndrome, a genetic disorder

How easily an extra chromosome changes a mortal! Here you will find everything related to down’s syndrome and how you can prevent your kids from the very start.

All you need to know about down Syndrome!

It is a condition in which an individual possess an extra chromosome. Everbody possess genes, chromosomes are little bundles of genes, present in your body. These chromosomes are responsible for deciding, how a kid body will function inside the womb of a mother and after the birth. A normal baby has 46 number of chromosomes but a baby with down syndrome possess an extra chromosome.

Now this extra chromosome disrupts the normal functioning of the body, this extra chromosome alters the normal development of a child’s body and brain.

Do all people with Down’s syndrome act same?

You might find people with down’s syndrome, acting same and look similar but each one has different ability. IQ level of people with down syndrome is relatively low and they speak slower than other normal individuals.

Some common traits which people with down syndrome share are

  • They have a flat face
  • Down’s syndrome victims have almond shaped eyes
  • They possess small ears
  • In comparison to adults and children they have small height
  • They have small feet and hands
  • They have scant neck
  • They have loose joints.

What’s the prevention of Down’s syndrome?

It is possible to prevent your kid from down’s syndrome before birth. Here prenatal tests are conducted during pregnancy to know about whether a mother is likely to have a kid with down’s syndrome or not. In between pregnancy you need to take proper consultation from the doctor. Now because of technology you don’t need to wait in the queue to share your reports with your doctor, you can easily share your reports and can take proper consultation, online.

Proper consultation can make you understand your chances of having a kid with down syndrome. A doctor can recommend you the tests, needed to diagnose the fetus for down syndrome, moreover can elaborate the pros and cons of testing.

Available prenatal tests

There are two prenatal tests available to know the chances of having an infant with down syndrome, screening tests, and diagnostic test.

The screening test is done in the early weeks of pregnancy, basically, its purpose is to elaborate the risk of having a kid with down syndrome during pregnancy. Screening test is safe and has no bad consequences. A very important point here is that the screening test doesn’t provide you with the definite answer, yes or no. The screening test just defines the risk of having an infant with this disease, if according to the screening test, your chance of having a baby with down syndrome is high then you are offered diagnostic tests. This diagnostic test is done when a fetus is inside the mother’s womb.

There are two diagnostic tests available: chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis. There are some risks attached to the diagnostic tests, which includes miscarriage, so it isn’t offered to all women but to the specific one.

When is the screening test done?

The screening test is offered between 10-20 weeks of pregnancy. There are two types of screen tests available, the biochemical screening and the ultrasound test. Screening test is absolutely safe for pregnant women.

Who can interpret your screening test?

You need to consult your doctor for the interpretation of results, for this now you don’t need to go anywhere but you can get the proper consultation of your doctor with Media mojo, which allows you to communicate with your doctor and to share the reports, take prescriptions, online via video call, audio call or chat.


It is very necessary to consult your doctor for the chances of having a baby with down syndrome. Monitoring the fetus health is necessary during pregnancy, don’t ignore it



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