Summer is here & so is GI diseases.

Are you having diarrhea and vomiting? If yes then you are a victim of “Stomach flu”. The real name of stomach flu is Gastroenteritis. Though in its name the term “Flu” is present, but it really has nothing to do with the flu. When a person is having gastroenteritis, its intestines and intestines are wounded up and swollen. It usually happens because of a viral infection or a bacterial infection.

The symptoms of Gastro

In gastro or as Doctors say “Gastroenteritis”, the initial symptoms are that a person having gastro may probably have boggy diarrhea and excessive vomiting. Plus he or she may also face pain in stomach, cramps in the intestine as well as stomach, high fever, nausea and sometimes a headache.

Just because of constant vomiting and watery diarrhea, the person becomes intensely dehydrate as all the liquid from its body is being expelled out in regular intervals.  After reaching the state of dehydration, the skin and mouth of the person become dry, it feels immensely thirsty and also dizzy. One should consult a doctor as soon as it faces these symptoms.

Children are an easy victim of “Rotavirus” i-e the most common reason of stomach flu. There are two to three types of vaccines presently found for the children having Gastro problem.

What Causes Gastro?

Gastro is a disease that has many ways to spread itself,  few of them are:

  1. When a person or child comes in contact with someone who is already containing this virus.
  2. By drinking unclean food or contaminated water, one can easily be a victim of this disease.
  3. By leaving hands unwashed after leaving the bathroom or after changing a diaper.
  4. Rotavirus is also found to be in swimming pools that do not have the proper amount of chlorine or chemical present in it.
  5. Stomach flu can also be triggered by eating undercooked meat, eggs or poultry juices.
  6. Another friend of this virus spreads through reptiles and poultry.

Digital Health System- A blessing for humans

High five to the inventors and initiators of Digital Health Systems, thanks to them many diseases are easily diagnosed by the help of these systems. The patients who live at distant places from the hospitals and clinics, for them DHS are truly a blessing. To reach the four walls of the hospital is not a necessary thing now; you just need to have an easy access to DHS. The determination to keep an eye on the patients from remote places and dynamically with DHS, Electronic Health Records has started to control the increasing rates of various diseases spreading quickly.

Just as cancer, diabetes etc. Gastro can also be easily diagnosed by the help of DHS. Doctors are now able to monitor the condition of their patients distantly by face to face care, clinical decisions, by checking health records uploaded by the patients and by various other ways. As for Gastro, it is better that it should be diagnosed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to health. It isn’t a surprising fact that by maintaining EHR, an increase was observed in Gastroenteritis diagnosis which was far better than the usual way of diagnosis.

Bottom line

Through large-scale executions of DHS, even larger benefits can be squeezed out from this blessing for both patients and doctors. Digital health system is certainly, a blessing for humans which they should avail.



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