Sugar #Killing sweetly!

Sugar! We consume it daily whether deliberately or unintentionally and mostly get the wrong impression about this ingredient. There are various kinds of sugar and many ways through which our body consumes it. Many scientists call it  “A Slow Poison”, contradictory to this; many people say it is the sweetest ingredient present of earth. Let us discuss some different types of sugar and all the ways through which they affect our body. Furthermore, we would discuss whether this ingredient is healthy or harmful for our body.

Different types of Sugar:

Typically, there are many forms of sugar present on earth, like glucose, fructose and its substitutes that are used in place of the actual form of sugar. Let us discuss the most common types of sugar.


Glucose is the simplest form of sugar that your body likes. Your cells use it as an essential wellspring of vitality, so when you devour glucose, it’s really useful. When it’s moved into the body, it invigorates the pancreas to create insulin. Your mind sees this increment, comprehends that it’s bustling metabolizing what you just ate, and lets you know that you’re less ravenous. The critical thing to note here is that when you expend glucose, your cerebrum knows not you to quit eating when you’ve had enough. If glucose is highly consumed by a body, it causes cardiovascular disease. Glucose is present in almost every living cell on the universe, if our body doesn’t get a proper amount of glucose; the human body starts to produce it naturally.


Sucrose and HFCS that is the abbreviation of High fructose corn syrup are both same. They are both immensely sweet and they both contain a lot of fructose. Sucrose is half fructose and HFCS is approximately 55% fructose (which is high contrasted with typical corn syrup, however really ordinary when contrasted with genuine sweetener). The rest of each is glucose, which we talked about above. As a fact, fructose is terrible for you due to how it’s prepared by the body. Fructose must be metabolized by the liver, which is not something worth being thankful for. This implies a more prominent number of calories—around three times more than glucose. The need for fructose/sucrose for the human body is not so necessary.

Harmful effects of sugar towards our health

Below stated will be some reasons that why sugar is playing a role of a killer in our life

Sugar is a primary supplier to fatness in children and adults both

As anyone might expect, individuals who devour the most sugar are by a wide margin the well on the way to wind up overweight or obesity. This applies to all age bunches. Numerous studies have analyzed the connection between sugar utilization and weight and found a solid proof. If a person wants to lose weight, the first thing to be avoided should be sugar.

Sugar- An aid for cancer to grow

Cancer is one of the main sources of death worldwide and is portrayed by uncontrolled development and duplication of cells. Insulin is one of the key hormones in managing this kind of development. Hence, numerous researchers trust that having always hoisted insulin levels (a result of sugar utilization) can add to disease. There is enough evidence present that points the fact that Sugar is also a reason that donates to cancer.

Liver Damage

On the off chance that the liver is brimming with glycogen (a great deal more regular), eating a considerable measure of fructose over-burdens the liver, driving it to transform the fructose into fat. At the point when over and over eating a lot of sugar, this procedure can prompt greasy liver and a wide range of difficult issues.


Doctors suggest that Sugar shouldn’t be treated as a poison in the sense you should never eat it, but one must control his or her sugar intake and shouldn’t let it exceed the limit.


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