Kidney Disease, A Silent Killer!

world kidney day

Renal disease is an enemy which is often ignored. people pay less attention to it but in actual it is the silent enemy. It is also known as kidney disease. In this disease, your kidney slowly stops functioning in the right manner. Your kidneys are responsible for the removal of waste material and excess water. If your kidney stops functioning then certainly conditions will get worse.

Your kidneys are of vital importance, Renal disease gives rise to many other diseases because when your body  stops eliminating waste material and excess water then it all start getting stored within your body. This disease is something that needs to be taken more seriously.

Beat this enemy with digital health system

It is the perfect time to take this enemy seriously because it deserves to be taken that way. Kudos to the technology! Now you have the electronic health management system with you.

Are you wondering how you can use the electronic health management system? Well, here is your answer! All of you know that our world is getting more and more tech savvy, bows to technology now almost everybody has access to smartphones and tablets. You can surely manage your health in an effective way with digital medical records. If you are suffering from kidney  disease then you surely know how vital is to monitor your parameters like Creatinine , Urea, Haemoglobin, TLC , WBC etc.

Your Nephrologist would have told you to keep monitoring these parameters and manage them to stay healthy ? Nothing so difficult here. With digital health management system, you  get to manage them well and have access to these records from anywhere any time and consult your Doctor. It is really efficient for patients and for doctors. It provides a way to telehealth means you can consult your doctor just in no time, regardless of your location.

How can digital health records help you?

From doctor’s perspective, it is an effective way of giving consultation to patients because doctors don’t need to give additional time to patients, similarly. patients can consult their doctor from anywhere.

Suppose if you are are suffering from renal disease, you get access to lab test results really easily via health management system. you don’t need to go to your doctor, all you need to do is to consult your doctor via digital health management system, he will provide you with the required tests and you can get the test done from the referred lab, later on, you can share your lab test with the doctor.

Monitor renal disease via digital health management system

Some basic advantages of managing this renal disease via digital health system are

  • You can easily consult your doctor regardless of your location
  • you can view your lab tests results, moreover, you can share it with your doctor and can ask for the renewal of prescriptions.
  • This remote monitoring helps you and your family to keep monitoring the health conditions, this how you save yourself and your family from emergency visits to hospitals.
  • Now with this, there are few chances of errors because you get the exact prescribed medicines
  • Electronic health records help your doctor in getting insight of your healthy history so that it also reduces the chance of duplicate tests.
  • Digital health management system lets you save time and money, you don’t need to go anywhere physically.

From doctor’s perspective, its importance can’t be ignored. The ability of quickly interpreting tests and prescribing medicines is an asset. Digital health records help you to save space. With a digital health management system, doctors can serve more patients in a day, with this their productivity get increased and they require less time to check each patient.

Bottom Line

No denials! Electronic health management system is of vital importance. It decreases the chances of hand-transcribed errors. With digital health management system, there is no chance of losing patients file and you can easily talk to your patient. Now with this system patients save time and get accurate needed consultation.